Help your body avoid injury, by knowing what goes into the shoes you plan to purchase. NB Technology primes you for a satisfying sweat session regardless of your style of movement.


A superior blend of foam cushioning and compression set, featuring DuPont™ Engage® and slip-resistant rubber combined with a soft midsole and insert.

Our top of the line midsole foam. An amazing blend of comfort and performance with DuPont™ Engage® and Isoprene rubber provides the ultimate ride.

12% lighter than standard midsole foam with DuPont™ Engage® for exceptional durability.

24% lighter than standard midsole foam with DuPont™ Elvaloy® and DuPont™ Engage® for optimal compression set properties.

32% lighter than standard midsole foam. An ultra-lite midsole material with optimal compression set made with DuPont™ Elvaloy®.

Compression-molded EVA for superior midsole cushioning and flexibility.

A revolutionary plush foam compound that’s at least 13% so¬fter than lightweight performance foams. CUSH+ offers responsive cushioning and comfort without sacrificing durability or stability.

A core of so¬ cushioning EVA in the midsole with a tough polyurethane rim for more support and durability.

A skeletally engineered upper that provides ultralight support and t. Created by fusing two extremely thin materials with a no-sew process.

The soft¬est and smoothest performance foam that lends luxurious comfort and cushioning.

N2 is a new bottom unit cushioning technology. It’s a responsive, durable, sustainable cushioning system in a low prole execution. Delivering on all of these qualities but allowing the foot to be lower to the ground.

Rubber compound for maximum durability used in high wear areas.

A resilient engineered elastomer designed to provide shock absorption and responsiveness for the optimal ride. Designed in multiple configurations to deliver unique consumer benefits.

A lightweight stability technology designed tosecure optimal midsole positioning during lateral cutting movements.

A high rebound foam designed to inject new levels of energy and comfort into performance products. With substantially more rebound than New Balance’s standard performance foams, the foam compound injects spring and bounce to each stride.

An innovative foam compound providing the same responsiveness and durability of foams 30% heavier. REVLite offers a lightweight ride without minimizing construction or sacrificing underfoot cushioning or stability.

A flexible protective layer that protects feet from rocks and shock, minimizing pressure, and dispersing shock energy.

Optimal arch support that’s both rigid and lightweight while preventing midfoot flex.

A medial support system that provides an extremely smooth transition from heel strike to toe-o. It is made from an injection molded engineered thermoplastic that oers a great deal of precision and consistency.

A lightweight, flexible TPU shank engineered to deliver optimum torsional stability and arch support through a unique center beam design.