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Pronation Guide & Shoe Types

Getting the right fit in running footwear isn't just about size. It's about having the advantages you need to perform your best. Our best is born in the New Balance Sports Research Lab in Lawrence, Massachusetts where we invest countless hours in the study of running pronation.

Types of Pronation

Neutral Pronation: Occurs when the foot rolls inward slightly from the outer edge of the heel through the forefoot and the big toe.

Severe or Overpronation: Occurs when the foot rolls inward excessively from the heel through the midfoot.

Moderate Pronation: Falls between the other two pronation levels.

Shoe Type Guide

Shoe Type Why You Should Wear It

Neutral Cushioning

For athletes who seek the ultimate in cushioning for their workouts.


Like a neutral cushioning shoe, but with a moderate amount of pronation control.


Designed for athletes who value speed and agility in lightweight, responsive shoes.


Low-profile, lightweight shoes that offer a barefoot fit and feel.

Motion Control

Maximum control, stability, and support for those with moderate to severe overpronation.

According to the NPD Group's 2013 Athletic Footwear Brand Landscape Study: "Of all the leading Athletic Performance Brands, New Balance ranks highest on Comfort and Fit."